A Dining Experience for the Concert Hall

Every summer conductors spend time talking with colleagues, culling through scores, listening to recordings and sifting through lists to create a rewarding musical experience.  This process varies by conductor but the end result the same; present an engaging, thought-provoking and musically rewarding collection of music for both audiences and the musicians.  The collect of music or program, is similar to the shuffle feature on an Ipod. However, what makes a well-programmed concert different from the Ipod is the glue, or connections between pieces that bind the entire program together.  This connectivity isn’t the only ingredient in a well-programmed concert, but for me it is very much at heart of the creative programming process.

Now, consider a more expansive focus, the place setting or the items that go into delivering the music.  As classical musicians, the need to connect with audiences has become increasingly important.  Many in society have become increasingly isolated, while at the same time technology has afforded the ability to participate without being present. any in society have becoming increasingly isolated while at the same time, technology has afforded the ability to participate without being present.  With the rise of social media, there is an opportunity and desire for both connectivity and participation.  These two links below provide different approaches to connecting with audiences.




So, the next time you attend a concert, consider what went into selecting the music.  Enjoy both the performance and the larger music education that’s being offered.  Music can be food for all of your senses to enjoy!

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