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Marty & Doc

Marty & Doc

Eighteen months have gone by, no blog posts. Wow, strong start, NOT.  No,
it wasn’t a multi-meter conducting accident, a bear attack while running in
the woods or a sharply worded social media update that broke my heart. I
simply needed to step away and disconnect, look inward and consider the
world around and all without sharing with anyone online. I am happy to proclaim
that I am back and feeling very inspired. Special thanks to a group of wonderful
students this fall who made me realize that it’s important to lead by example.

During this eighteen month hiatus, I spent time living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Enjoyed the opera, the mountains, the art galleries and spent quality time with
my little man. In August, I returned to Brevard, North Carolina, where I spent
three summers at the Brevard Music Center. I am proud to say, I am now the new
Director of Bands, Coordinator of Music Education at Brevard College.

There are many interesting experiences to share of the recent past and of my new
life here. I look forward to sharing and conversing with others as I
open the doors once again. It’s so ironic; professionally speaking I’ve
been doing presentations all over the country about social media and large
music ensembles. After pushing so hard in so many ways, I had to step away and
focus inward. My question to you is, have you ever given up your
favorite social media drug? For a week, month or season? How did it affect
your life? We all want so badly to be noticed and to be given acknowledgement, what
happens when you deny yourself that in this online world we live in?

I’ve reengaged on Twitter, Facebook, TumblrLinkedin and now I’m on Google+ as
well. I look forward to learning and connecting once again with all my friends,
colleagues and students both past, present and future.

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