Did you know that as an undergrad?

This post concerns something that I find myself grappling with everyday during the school year.

There are two large pillars of truth when speaking of an undergraduate degree program:

1.  It’s broad in scope and provides a large framework of understanding.

2.  It’s cyclical, providing multiple learning opportunities of techniques, concepts and practices.

Before the explosion of the internet in the mid-1990’s, computers were used to type papers, spreadsheets and email was minimal.  When students needed to find answers or to listen to new music, they headed to the library.  Filled with card catalogs, LP’s and reel to reel players, learning was so traditional.

In contrast, today’s students are being trained in a very different educational environment.  While the process of teaching has remained fairly consistent, the resources available to students have changed in almost every conceivable way. Consider this, when a student, or anyone else for that fact, wants to know something, just a few key strokes will open the flood gates of information.  Want a recording?  That’s easy. Want pictures, examples in scores, theoretical analysis, historical perspective?  All easily discoverable and you don’t even need to own a set of encyclopedias!

My question is this, how are we as educators and leaders of large musical ensembles adapting and educating students in this new age of information?

So, did I know that as an undergrad? The answer was probably no, but with today’s technology the answer is always just a few seconds away.

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